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Audi cars are a high commanding car on sale here at our Dubai showroom in UAE.

Audi is the real presentation of the saying “less is more”. Audi uses the Lightweight technology to produce its models with the least amount of material for the best performance. The result is aesthetic light cars with a powerful performance.

Every detail of the cars is carefully welded. Even the feel and sound of the buttons are tactile. Audi has iconic LED technology that provides bright edge cutting lights to light both through the dark and broad day light.

The cars use a Google earth satellite to give geographical guides to places; also for weather updates fuel prices etc.

The Audi operating system allows you to run everything about the car including effortlessly. The Audi cars are simply a dream come true!

The origin of Audi

In 1988 August Horch left Horch & Cie, a company he founded to create a new company called “Audi” Horch had faced board differences and decided to move on.

Even though Horch is his name, he couldn’t use it as his new company’s name as it was already under a trademark. So the engineer and entrepreneur decided to call his new company “Audi” the Latin meaning of Horch.

A few years later, Horch bought a textile Mill in Saxony and started his engineering production there. The result was the small 4 cylinder Wanderer car in 1913.

The determined manufacturer's real success came in 1921. Horch produced the Audi type K; the first left-hand drive vehicle. Today Audi’s models include the R8 sports car, the Audi R10TDI, and the Audi Q7.

Audi for sale

Audi is one of the car brands that stand in our showroom.

Luxury Lounge is a car dealer that champions the sale of luxury cars at an affordable cost. Zaher Mohammed UAE authority auto mobile expert is stationed at the Luxury Lounge Dubai to help you around these luxurious cars.

Luxury Lounge sells cars at a matchless price and also buys and parks the World’s most prestigious vehicle at a good price.

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