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Luxury Lounge is a UAE based car showroom that improves your car buying experience by bringing to you the best luxury cars in the world. Luxury Lounge provides a platform for Luxury cars enthusiasts in Dubai to have a test of the cars that they love. We have a wide range of luxury cars that include:

-     Bentley

-     Mercedes - Audi

-     Rolls - Royce

-     BMW

-     Land Rover Range Rover

For the few years that Luxury lounge has been in existent, we have been offering an excellent customer service. Contact us if you have a luxury car for sale too. We buy, Trade in or park & sale for the customers. The in house lounge is aesthetic.

Bentley History

Bentley cars were founded by Owen Bentley in 1919 as Bentley Motors. Their first car was released two years later. They later merged with Rolls- Royce in 1931 but it was later acquired by Volkswagen in 1998.

Its model range has since expanded. These models have muscular engines. The engines include a turbocharged 12 cylinder engine.

Advantages of Bentley cars

1. Comfort. There is nothing as comfortable as sitting at the back of a Bentley. They have a perfect extension. The cars are roomy and comfy enough for snoozing.

2. Class. A Bentley car is not your every other day type of car. Bentleys are excellent and are driven by people of a certain class. They depict wealth. Visit our Bentley showroom on Dubai for a view of some of these luxury cars. Our Bentley dealer in Dubai will help you in making a choice on which car to buy. We offer the best price for these machines. Our car specialists are ready to serve you. They will answer all queries that you may have.

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