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Luxury Lounge is UAE's finest car showroom. Although it was established in 2015, it has evolved to be one of the most sorts after luxury car dealer in Dubai. It is now held in the same esteem as the big boys in the industry. It hosts a diverse fleet of luxurious cars that include Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley, and Range Rover among others.

Ferrari Cars

A Ferrari is a car with its own prestige. Ferrari represents luxury. They are cars that are mostly driven by people of certain circles; Ferraris are cars that were built with racing in mind.

The Advantages of Ferrari cars:

1.They have high standard engines The machines used on Ferrari are of high quality. It is because of this quality that they race at top speeds. The company has provided assurances about the toughness of the engines.

2.Ferrari are Stable Vehicle There is no doubt about this car's stability. The balance of this car is at the top. Its balance is obtained because it is an aerodynamic car.

3.Total warranty Ferrari provides a warranty to their customers on making a purchase. The warranty is guaranteed if the problem is from the manufacturer's side. They provide the warranty because they believe in their production.

History of The Ferrari

Ferrari is an Italian sports car. The first Ferrari was produced in 1947. It was called The 125 s. The man behind its production was called Enzo Ferrari who was born in Feb 1898 and died in Aug 1988.

If you visit our Ferrari showroom in Dubai, you will be surprised with the different models of Ferrari that exist. With the variety of Ferrari cars for sale choices offered, it is a difficult to make a decision on which car you will buy.

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