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Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes Maybach cars are opulent models graced with comfort, style and technology.

The cars have a hard body and use smart touch technology, with an art of the class LED lighting and offer updated entertainment.

The 9G-TRONIC transmission helps to create hushed accelerations and smooth cruising.

The interior design comes with hand heated leather seats, throw pillows and folding tables.

The Mercedes Maybach is one of those cars you want to reward yourself with after a long year’s work.

History of Maybach

Maybach began when Wilhelm Maybach a former Technical Director at Dialmer, an automobile manufacturer left his job to start his own company in 1909.

Wilhelm carried extensive experience building engines, Zeppelins and trucks and used it to open Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau GmbH.

But he didn’t start right away to produce cars. He continued to build engines and aircraft until 1919 when he introduced his first model vehicle at the Berlin Motor Show.

Since then, Maybach continued to produce luxurious cars for about 19years until World War II hit which called for him to return to engine production for military use. During the war, he built powerful engines like the one for Nazi Germany's heavy tanks that were responsible for the bombing of the Southern German city Friedrichshafen in April 1944.

In 1960, Daimler, bought Maybach’s company and revived it with the production of Mercedes cars, not in Maybach’s name.

But the real boom for Maybach came in 2002 when the company introduced the Maybach 57 and 62 models.

The models had some sales success but didn’t keep up with the competition from other high-end brands like Roll Royce and so the name went undercover again.

But in a new style, MayBach is back again now attached to Mercedez and is known as the Mercedes-Maybach.

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