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Established in 2015, Luxury Lounge is the home of the best luxury cars in UAE. We host the most prestigious luxury vehicles in Dubai. Visit our showroom and compare the different models side by side. Our collection of a variety of the best luxury cars, together with our elegant showroom will leave you spoilt for choice.

Our collection of luxury cars include:

- Mercedes

- Bentley

- Ferrari

- Audi

We not only sell cars but also buy, Trade -in or park and sell on behalf of the customers. We also help customers to search for their dream cars that are not available in our showroom. Visit us today to enjoy our impeccable services

Mercedes Cars

If you have a short list of luxury cars to buy, then Mercedes is one of them. With a Mercedes, you expect nothing less than technological leadership. Mercedes is truly nothing but the best. They deliver the best in every area.

Advantages of a Mercedes

With Mercedes you get world class safety. Mercedes has been leading in the automotive industry since the introduction of crumple zone and Anti-lock braking system. Mercedes have more horsepower, torque and speed. They have the best performance. Choosing a Mercedes is a performer.

History of The Mercedes

The headquarters of Mercedes is in Stuttgart Germany. It majors in production of luxury cars, buses, coaches and trucks. The name Mercedes first appeared in 1926. Mercedes Benz was the first gasoline powered automotive

Mercedes was created by Karl Benz. He was financed by Bertha Benz. Its experience in the automobile world gives them an edge over their competitors. The company has now grown and continues to produce innovative cars. They have a myriad of different models that you can choose from.

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