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Porsche is a luxury top notch high-performance brand of cars with many years of quality and excellence.

The Porsche cars stand out as the fastest cars both on the road and on sports fields. They have sharp blade handling, parking sensors, brakes with red callipers, heated seats, wood spruce, Wi-Fi connectivity, a fast, seamless touch screen, comfortable, smooth steering and their seats are fully covered in genuine leather.

The Porsche origin

These posh cars originate from Germany in with their first make being the VW Beetle. Porsche Ferdinand, an automotive Engineer the man the brand was named after came with experience from Daimler where he worked as a senior Engineer and transferred his expertise to create the VW Beetle.

After producing the VW Beetle, Ferdinand created the lightweight, midengined 550 Spyder and the 356 Speedster in the 1950’s. These two cars made several wins during races and substantially brought to light Ferdinand’s work.

From there on Ferdinand continued to reveal new makes such as the revered 911 produced in the 60’s, the 911 turbo in the 70’s, the 956 in the 80’s and many other makes through the years.

Today the Porsche brand lines up powerful cars such as the luxury super sport sedan, the porche 711 convertible and the Panamera among many others.

Get a Porsche

If you love to drive in style, it is inevitable to drive a Porche in your lifetime. Like any luxurious car, these cars are pricy; but you can get one at a cheaper price. If the porche is your dream car and you haven’t yet raised enough money for one, you can buy a used one from our showroom

We can help you get a Porsche car from our “park and sell service” in Dubai where cars go for sale on behalf of our customers at an affordable cost.

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Luxury Lounge will sell your vehicle, buy your car or sell you the best of luxury cars at a good price from around the World assembled here in UAE.

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