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Roll-Royce is an unmatchable car brand on the luxurious car market assembled in our showroom in Dubai.

Graced with electronically controlled shock absorbers, ventilated disc brakes, remote control lid opener and an overall remote system, this car is surely luxury itself.

To suit various tastes, the Rolls-Royce Phantom produced in 2003 was made available in 44,000 colors.

But first put aside the old Roll-Royce models. If you are looking to own your next luxurious car, then you should rush to check out the 2 months old new Phantom.

The new Phantom

Forget about a remote control system, put aside the comfortable power steering, and don’t even think about the adjustable foldable seats with their fabric upholstery, the new Phantom has a satellite supported transmission which automatically switches gears according to the car’s location and the driver's actions.

This car's production cost is huge. Each car’s parts are made out of aluminum and are welded by hands. Each car takes up to 200 aluminum parts to build and requires 2 months to finish.

The cars are equipped to run at 100 mph in just 5.9 seconds

Although there are many other great features to highlight, don’t forget that the Rolls-Royce upholstery is enclosed with lush leather.

Roll-Royce history

Two great men stand behind the mighty Roll-Royce, Henry Royce a mechanical and electrical engineer and Charles Rolls, a British car dealer.

Charles Roll was impressed by Henry Royce’s mechanical work when he produced the two-cylinder Royce 10 in 1904. The two men came together and agreed to merge and formed their company Roll-Royce limited. In the same year, the entrepreneurs introduced their first Rolls-Royce, the two-cylinder car to the world at the Paris Salon.

The results were enormous. Sales of the vehicle hiked and within a short time, they had to open a new branch in the US to reach out to all their customers.

Eventually, they introduced 3, 4, 5 & 6 cylinder models.

Although 65% of all Roll-Royce models ever produced are still in use and some available at our Dubai showroom, the most desired ones are the 2003 and the new phantom that was released just two months ago going for a price slightly higher.

Roll-Royce for sale

We have Rolls Royce models assembled in our Rolls Royce showroom. The good news is that the new Phantom is also in our Rolls Royce showroom and we are happy to walk you around our showroom for you to check them out.

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